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Link it, post it everywhere.

Link it, post it everywhere.

Create your own link and start sharing the hope of Jesus with your online audience. You can post your link anywhere and everywhere on Social Media.

Easy to use. <br>Real-time analytics.

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Easy to use. <br>Real-time analytics.
Link it, post it everywhere.

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Together, our goal is to share Jesus with 1 Billion people! We can do it with 1 Million Christians, sharing their Jesus Link with 1,000 people! DO THE MATH... 1M x 1,000 = 1B. Are you in?

Easy to use.
Real-time analytics.

Customize your link page with colors and your own look and feel. Gain powerful insights to who is clicking and the nations you are reaching around the world daily.

Easy to use. <br>Real-time analytics.

Your Ministry is now viral.

As a Brand, Church, or Ministry we will work with you to create your own Brand Theme. Your audience, once signed in, can add your Brand theme to their own page. Contact us to join as a Brand.

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  • Global Outreach Day
  • Jesus Film Project
  • Holy Bible You Version
  • YWAM
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